As a vanilla server we try our best not to give any kind of advantage to our donators, such as items or special abilities such as flight, teleportation or gamemode. This leaves us with only a couple options. All of the rewards here are designed to give small QoL features and fun toys to play around with in game without giving any kind of helping hand to the player. 


➤ The other preferred method to support the server is our patreon. Click here to visit it!

Server Ranks

➤ Ranks are packages of small cosmetics put together to make the

game even more fun with small things such as a glowing outline or a customizable particle effect around the player.

➤ There are five tiers to this, each of the containing a little bit more and they cost a bit more as well.

➤ When upgrading to a higher tiered rank, the prices will be calculated depending on which rank you had. For example a Malachite player would only need to spend 28€ to upgrade to Topaz.

➤ All ranks are permanent and non-refundable.


➤ Small packages for one purpose only.

➤ Prices are regardless of the player's rank or previously bough packages.

➤ Some perks from donator ranks are really nice to have but players might not be able to afford the rank itself, so we've made these a package on their own. An example is the Server Chat Access package.

➤ All perks are permanently available for those who buy them and are non-refundable.

Problems & Concerns

If you are experiencing any kind of issue with the store, or if you happen to have questions or concerns about any of our items, please don't hesitate to ask! The fastest way is always to contact a staff member through our discord server.

Email: [email protected]